Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Download Links Season 1 Music

101 Pilot
102 The Wild Brunch (click here for Ferraby Lionheart -The Ballad Of Gus And Sam)
103 Poison Ivy
104 Bad News Blair
105 Dare Devil
106 The Handmaiden's Tale
107 Victor, Victrola
108 Seventeen Candles
109 Blair Waldorf Must Pie!
110 Hi, Society
111 Roman Holiday
112 School Lies
113 The Thin Line Between Chuck And Nate
114 The Blair B*tch Project
115 Desperately Seeking Serena
116 All About My Brother
117 Woman On The Verge
118 Much 'I Do' About Nothing


  1. Hey this is AWESOME!! thank you so much!! i love gossip girl songs :D
    if you need some help with it i have a lot of free time :P

  2. Thank you!!!! This is great. I almost like having the download links better than the youtube videos!

    But, just a note, I think the folder for episode 101 has a virus. My internet security wouldn't let me download it. =(

  3. I checked it with my antivirus program. There's no virus. :)

  4. Hmm, guess my computer over reacted. Thanks for checking! =)

  5. something is wrong with 1x08 when i click on it, it sends me to 1x09

  6. Thanks for telling me, Jerry. The link is the correct one now. :)

  7. thanks ur the best

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  9. hummm.... do you know the song of dare devil when the first girl completes the first task, just right after gossip girl says spotted: S and Lonely boy looking light and flying desert or something like that...
    I hope you do.
    Let me know ASAP.

  10. Miss Eighty 6 - Ring A Ling from episode 6 broken link,can fix it?thank.

  11. Koren, I checked the link for Miss Eighty 6 - Ring a Ling. it seems to be fine :)