Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Promo Songs

Season 1

Official Gossip Girl teaser: Switchfoot - We Are One Tonight & The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

Hottest New Series Extended Promo

Fergie ft. Ludacris - Glamorous
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around
Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
Nelly Furtado - Afraid
Gwen Stefani ft. Akon -The Sweet Escape
Young Love - Find A New Way

Samantha Newark - It's All On You

Character Promos
Serena, Dan, and Jenny promos: KPM Music - All Of This
Blair, Nate, and Chuck promos and 'Six Souls Searching' promo: The Windupdeads - Reverse Of Shade
'Something To Believe In' Promo: Aqualung - Something To Believe In

Episode Promos
110 Hi, Society: The Pierces - Three Wishes
111 Roman Holiday: 5 Alarm Music - Every Time I Think Of You
113 The Thin Line Between Chuck And Nate: Sonic Librarian - Lonely Earth
117 Woman On The Verge: Videohelper Music - Bright Stars
118 Much 'I Do' About Nothing: Air On The G String (Bach) - Extreme Music

January 28th Return

OneRepublic - All We Are

OMFG Promos
OMFG Cexy promo: The Black Keys - Strange Times
OMFG Slideshow promo: The Kills - Sour Cherry

Season 2

'Gossip Girl Returns This Fall' promo

Goldfrapp - Strictmachine
Rogue Traders - Watching You
Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

Season 2 Premiere Promos

Behaving Badly Promo

Atmosphere Music - Under The Sea

Four Different 'Cruel Summer' promos: Bananarama - Cruel Summer
'55 MPH Club', 'Honking', and 'Mother Chucker' promos: Billy Boy On Poison - On My Way
'Girl Talk' and 'Boy Talk' promos: Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi

Episode Promos
204 The Ex-Files: Videohelper Music - Bright Stars
207 Chuck In Real Life: Mathclub - Symphony Of Bullets
219 The Grandfather: Videohelper Music - Lattice Of Thorns
220 Remains Of The J: Fight Like Apes - Jake Summers
224 Valley Girls: No Doubt - Stand And Deliver
225 The Goodbye Gossip Girl: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

January 5th Return

The Bloord Arm ft. Anais - Do I Have Your Attention?

March 16 Return

March 16 return, Security, Take Me, and Slap promos: Ida Maria - Oh My God

Download Season 1 & 2 songs here

Season 3

Episode Promos
309 They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?: Timbaland feat. SoShy & Nelly Furtado - Morning After Dark
310 The Last Days Of Disco Stick: Timbaland feat. SoShy & Nelly Furtado - Morning After Dark
319 Dr. Estrangeloved: Real Life - Another Brick In My Head

309 Sneak Peek

The Plastiscines - Bitch

310 Lady Gaga Promo

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Gossip Girl Lounge Promo

The CW/unknown - Get Your Gossip Going

Rendezvous/311 Promo

Dee - Let's Have a Rendez-Vous

Good Things Promo

Spider Problem - Cha Cha

March 8th Return

Brand X Music - Bring The Pain

Download Season 3 songs here


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