Monday, March 16, 2009

218 Age Of Dissonance

The Constance Billard and St. Jude seniors put on a production of "The Age of Innocence" and find their personal lives mirroring conflicts in the play. Serena develops a crush on the play's director, Julian (guest star Harmon Walsh), and enlists Vanessa's knowledge of theater to help her get the otherwise uninterested guy’s attention. Blair receives devastating news about her future that leads her on a witch-hunt for the person responsible. Dan and Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge) agree to stay away from each other in the aftermath of being discovered as more than teacher and student, but find it impossible to keep that promise. Chuck enlists help from an unlikely source, his nemesis Carter Baizen (guest star Sebastian Stan).

Siouxsie and The Banshees -
Hong Kong Garden (Marie Antoinette Soundtrack version)
Gossip Girl talks about the senior class play
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Siouxsie and The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
Blair & Serena talk backstage
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Razorlight - North London Trash
Chuck runs into Carter Baizen & Elle.
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The New Monarchs - Kiss Me At The Gate
Jenny passes notes between Ms. Carr & Dan; repeats as Dan & Ms. Carr kiss in the costume closet.

Mozart - Overture From Don Giovanni
Blair starts her scene.
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Mozart - Concerto For Piano And Orchestra No. 21 In C Major, "Elvira Madigan", K. 467: II. Andante.
Blair & Dan bicker during their scene.

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Bizet - La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetee
(from 'Carmen')
Serena apologizes to Blair; Dan reads Ms. Carr's note; Chuck waits for Blair as Carter buys her a drink.
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(except The New Monarchs - Kiss Me At The Gate)


  1. Can the blog owner or anybody tell me exactly which recording of the Bizet aria "La Fleur" this is that is posted here?

    It's definitely not Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli - I'm curious because it is very beautiful and it is sung a bit slower than usual. It sounds like a modern recording but I can't seem to match which tenor this is. If he isn't famous he should be much more well known, the voice is clear as a bell yet so powerful. Thank in advance for any help!


  2. OK after searching and listening to a bunch of samples on Amazon I've identified the tenor, his name is Stefano Secco, a fairly young Italian of 36 years old.

    Here's a little bio and his MySpace page, he's quite a talent and should be much more well known IMO.

    Here's the CD from which this track is from, you can download it on Rhapsody - here's the link-

    Thanks to Gossip Girl for introducing me to this great singer-who says this show doesn't have great cultural value? ;-)