Tuesday, December 8, 2009

312 The Debarted

On the anniversary of Bart Bass’ death, Chuck wrestles with an issue from the past and a serious car accident rocks the Upper East Side. Dan and Vanessa attempt to navigate their newly complicated friendship. Maureen decides to use the letter to her advantage and Eric continues his plan to take Jenny down.

The Raveonettes - Suicide
Serena & Tripp are in a car accident; repeats as the scene repeats; Nate travels to the cottage; Chuck ignores Blair's call, Nate calls Maureen.

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
Tripp leaves to meet Ma
ureen; Chuck imagines Bart talking to him on the street; repeats as Lily finds the letter at home; Rufus asks for some advice; Nate returns home, Serena sees Nate sleeping in her hospital room; Jenny meets up with Damien.

The Rosebuds - I Hear (Click Click Click)
Jenny shows off her bag to her minions.

Nico Stai - Silent Night
Nate & Dan talk about Vanessa; Vanessa & Willa invite Dan for a weekend getaway.

White Rabbits - Right Where They Left
Dan & Willa kiss; Dan tells Blair & Vanessa about the accident; Chuck changes his destination.

M83 - Too Late
Chuck remembers his father dying at the hospital, then explains to Blair why he's been pushing her away.

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  1. Yes!
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