Monday, April 27, 2009

222 Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Georgina returns to the Upper East Side but it's not the same Georgina we all knew, she's changed. Chuck and Nate relationship is at a crossroad because of their mutual interest in Blair. Serena relationship with Gabriel get's more complicated.

Downsyde - Some How
Nate offers to give Blair tips on living in The Village; repeats as Nate & Chuck shoot hoops.

Anya Marina - Waters Of March
Serena tells Blair about the Gabriel-Poppy situation.

Coconut Records - Is This Sound Okay?
Vanessa & Dan play 'I never'.

Drinks On The House - Daniel May/MasterSource
Serena & Gabriel pitch his project to Lily & Rufus; Blair & Chuck confront Serena about Gabriel; repeats as Rufus offers to invest in Gabriel's project; Blair asks Nate to trust her.

Xu Xu Fang - Your Way
Dan & Vanessa discuss Yale, money & Rufus.

Carlin Music - Down By The Riverside
Chuck goes to visit Georgina.

Hot Seconds - Clam Man
Serena questions Gabriel about their first meeting.

The Kills - U.R.A. Fever
Chuck & Georgina head back to the city.

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  2. hiii, wondering what's the last song that played? when rufus went back to the loft and told jenny and dan to send back the ring? don't think it's on the list?

  3. Hi,

    Looking for the song when Blair is spying Gabriel at the hotel's door and then Chuck arrives with the limo...
    If someone can help it will be very nice ;)

  4. sorry naddnessxx for the late reply. the scene you are talking about is not in this episode. it's in episode 223. :)

  5. Hi,

    Looking for the song when Blair is spying Gabriel in front of the hotel's door and then Chuck arrives with the limo...You can hear that song several times in this episode,also,when Blair is giving a tour to Gabriel at the party in Serena's apartment.

    If someone have an idea, it will be awesome ;)

  6. @fuelmyfireee: Please wait while I check that scene again :)

  7. I checked the scene. It's the underscore. :)

  8. I know, impossible to find... :)

    Thx anyway

  9. LOL i think that fact has been established long time ago. :D