Sunday, May 3, 2009

223 The Wrath Of Con

Blair puts pressure for Georgina to making amends for her past bad behavior by helping her in an evil plan. The rivalry between Nate and Chuck over Blair reaches a boiling point. Lily makes a secret plan to help Rufus with Dan's college tuition.

Say Hi (aka Say Hi To Your Mom) - Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Serena phones Chuck to tell him about Gabriel's scam.
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Gotye - Heart's A Mess
Georgina follows Poppy; Rufus asks his kids to return the ring; mug shots are taken of Serena.
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  1. Thanx soo much i've been combing the interent for hours looking for that Gotye song cuz i heard it at the end of the episode last nite!!
    Thanx alot. =)

  2. The band is actually just Say Hi, not Say Hi to Your Mom but the song is the same :]

  3. ^ They've since shortened their name, but the song was released when the band was called 'Say Hi To Your Mom' (see the album cover for 'Impeccable Blahs' for proof).

  4. ^ ...and that's the wrong album (they're both pink), it's still the same band though.