Wednesday, April 14, 2010

318 The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Chuck offers to throw a wedding for a very pregnant Dorota who insists that she and Vanya have a traditional wedding before her parents arrive from Poland and find their daughter pregnant and without a husband. Dorota asks Blair and Chuck to be part of the ceremony and walk her down the aisle. Serena tells Nate she is having breakfast with the Humphreys when in reality she’s secretly meeting up with Carter Baizen. Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about her whereabouts.

The Champs - Midnighter
Chuck dreams that Blair is kidnapped.

Laurie Johnson/KPM Music - Blood In The Gutter
Chuck's dream continues.

Santina Giordano - Full Moon Kiss
At breakfast, Rufus announces the family is invited to Dorota & Vanya's wedding; Dan urges Rufus to ask Lily to come home for the wedding.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Sound
Jenny sees Serena leaving with Carter; Eric is introduced to Elliot's girlfriend; Dorota & Vanya's wedding; Eleanor tells Cyrus he was right about Dorota being family.

The Dead Weather - Rocking Horse
Jenny informs Nate that Serena left with Carter; Serena finds out Carter lied to her, then kicks him out of the car.

Leighton Meester - Your Love's A Drug
Eleanor & Cyrus give Dorota & Vanya the keys to their new apartment; Dan asks Blair to dance; Chuck informs Nate he is now single; Elliot tells Eric that he likes him; Jenny intercepts Serena's phone call to Nate.

The Big Pink - Velvet
Jenny asks Nate to dance; dancing montage; Serena finds Lily in her father's hotel room.

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